About Us

EQT Bank (“the Bank”) is a fully licensed Swiss financial institution, regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and 100% owned by EQT Bank (Joint Stock Company).

The Bank offers all traditional corporate banking services in Switzerland and abroad. It is the combined knowledge of the Swiss and the Russian financial markets that EQT Bank offers to its clients.

Corporate Banking

We speak the language of our client’s business
EQT Bank offers a wide range of sophisticated products to its corporate clientele. We understand that each business has a different approach on how to generate profits.

Our tailor-made products and solutions are customized to meet specific requirements of every client within or outside of Switzerland.

Private Banking

Benefits of Opening an Account with us

  • Strategic location in one of the key global financial centers for private banking services
  • Highest level of investor protection due to compliance with both MIFID II (EU) and FIDLEG (CH)
  • Access to global financial markets
  • Competitive interest rates for short- and long-term deposits
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