The World Equity Bank Group provides clients with a one-stop shop for your asset management requirements. What sets us apart from traditional Private Banking services is that we provide true cross asset management whether your holdings are held in the form of cryptocurrency, fiat or other asset classes.

Furthermore, we have implemented the ability to pay bills using local giro services which is a feature missing in traditional e-wallet services. This bridges the gap between wealth management, e-wallet services and your traditional local retail bank.

Private Banking Services
Our e-wallet service takes a different approach to the fintech wallet scene – we want to provide a service that fully replaces your traditional retail bank. This is done by providing local bill payment solutions which is often missing in e-wallet products.

Your e-wallet provides you with the following services:

–  Client account in the following denominations
o Euro
o British Pounds
o US Dollars
o Bitcoin
o Ethereum

– Individual IBAN (upon additional approval)
– Debit card
– International and local payments
– Magic wallet – segregated wallet where your Bitcoin are traded using our High Frequency AI Robot

Frequency AI Robot supervised by a 24-hour team of traders – providing solid monthly returns For our special clients we also offer the Dragon Priority service, with a 24-hour transactional concierge to assist you with your needs.

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